(LUVA's production)

This showreel is a compilation of produced content at LUVA. I started working as a motion designer and art director, but since 2016 I've been mostly working as executive producer, dealing with networks liaison, financial plan, regulations and market events. 


The series depicts the adventures of the "Tremendous”, a group of microscopic
insect-children, adorably disgusting and full of personal issues. They live in Chipotland, a city built within the fluffy and nearly infinite fur of the adorable dog, CHIPOTLE, a 9-year-old Tibetan Mastiff.

Animation series
2D Cut-out + live-action scenes 
SITCOM / Target 6 to 11 
26 EP x 11 min
Early stage development

CO-PRODUCTION with 2 Moleques

LOOKING FOR co-producers, broadcasters, investment and pre-sales. 


In a world where chemical disasters have contaminated forests and rivers, an adventurous girl joins a magic and mythical creature to rescue her family from the clutches of a cruel and ambitious gang, starting a journey through shrines, ruins, uncovering secrets, and building the path to a new era of peace and balance.

Feature animation
2D Cut-out
Target 7 to 11 and family
90 min
Early stage development

LOOKING FOR co-producers, distributors and investment.


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Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20021-903


Tel: +55 21 992514802

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