Creative coproduction HUB

We unite the best studios and minds to achieve an outstanding and reliable production, gathering each expertise together with an intelligent and dynamic business model. 


Each project will be lead by 3 co-producers, divided into development, production and project management. The remaining studios will collaborate through creative notes, consulting and service.  

Many studios have a great talent developing IP's but don't have the skills and size to guarantee a network delivery schedule. In addition, animation production line for TV series is a hardcore management that requires a studio long term background. 

The copro HUB works on assembling a good team of creators with experienced studios, through a strength and reliable big studio's workflow but also with the freshness and disruptiveness of the new ones. 

Our mission is to release studios from it's own "bubble" bringing each project it's own life, through a wide market overview and connected with networks, distributors and key players.  

Collective workflow
Production reliability + creative freshness
Market intelligence

798 Office 1506 - Santa Luzia

Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20021-903


Tel: +55 21 992514802

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